peanut butter


Giving smooth peanut butter to babies and throughout early childhood could give lifelong protection against peanut allergy, researchers say.


Teenagers who ate it up to age five were 71% less likely to develop an allergy than if the food was shunned.

King’s College Londonの研究チームは両親に、離乳期にピーナッツバターを与え、その後、定期的に大量に与えるようにアドバイスをしている。

The team at King’s College London advise parents to offer peanut butter during weaning, then regularly and in large amounts until age five.

wean : 離乳させる


The idea of giving peanut butter to babies and young children will horrify a generation of parents who were told to avoid the food due to the fear of allergies. The advice at one point was to avoid peanuts completely until age three.


本当ですか? そう言われても、なんか怖いです。。。