the World’s 50 Best Restaurant Awards


the World’s 50 Best Restaurant Awards の一位もコペンハーゲンにあるレストランです。

The World’s 50 Best Restaurant Awards– an event considered the Oscars of the fine dining world — was also obliged to take a hiatus last year, but it’s finally back, and the two eateries at the top of the list are both in Copenhagen.

hiatus : 中断、休止

The No.1 spot this year goes to what is perhaps the best known name in gastronomy: Noma. Danish chef René Redzepi’s three-Michelin star restaurant first opened in Copenhagen’s Christianshavn neighborhood in 2003 and first took the top slot in the World’s 50 Best Restaurants awards back in 2010. (CNN)

gastronomy : 美食学